Experience True Cinematic Brilliance With The OLED65CXPTA TV

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In the modern day, the C-class LG OLED is one of the big deals because LG is the brand that started the current OLED TV revolution and makes the panels for every OLED TV available on the market. For the past few years, the OLED65CXPTA TV has been the most reasonably priced model in LG’s OLED range, getting you the company’s best panel and processing tech.

The 2020 C-class model is called the CX. Thanks to its features and smart functionalities, it is a one-stop shop for all your watching demands. Most applications, including Netflix, ABC iView, YouTube, and Stan, are available.

Only LG OLED TVs boast limitless contrast, ranging from the richest, darkest black to brilliant white. An LG OLED’s pixels may brighten, dim, or turn off entirely to produce a variety of unequal tones and hues. OLED TVs provide pure black, unmatched by any other TV without a backlight. Extremely vibrant colors are propelled by a flawlessly black backdrop. It’s simply outstanding.

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The CX and 2019’s C9 have nearly the same appearance. Its footprint is less than that of sets with feet at each end of the bottom edge despite the stand’s moderate width. The CX seems much like any other 2020 OLED when the stand is removed and the TV is mounted on a wall. The display is incredibly thin—about 6 mm—but all connectors, speakers, and processing circuitry are housed in an enclosure on the back, which is standard for OLED TVs.

The 2020 iteration of LG’s Alpha 9 (a9) CPU powers the OLED65CXPTA TV. It comes with an AI Picture Pro feature that enhances the resolution and sharpness of contents by an algorithm learned via an LG Deep Learning technique, while AI Sound Pro provides the optimal sound or Virtual 5.1 surround.

The CX supports basic HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision but not HDR10+. Additionally, every company’s 2020 OLEDs are compatible with the new Dolby Vision IQ format, which adjusts Dolby Vision performance based on ambient light levels in the space. In well-lit rooms, the Dolby Vision IQ does a decent job of bringing out additional information in dark situations without overly brightening the entire image.

Filmmaker Mode was also introduced on LG’s 2020 OLEDs, a picture preset endorsed by the UHD Alliance. One of the greatest TV operating systems on the market, LG’s webOS 5.0, is in charge of everything. It is an enjoyable user experience, especially with the ergonomic remote control’s pointer feature.


Picture Quality

Picture Quality

The 65-inch television’s million self-lighting pixels with autonomous luminescence management produce a wide range of color, contrast, brightness, and crisp details. Unlike LED/LCD TVs, which employ backlighting, OLED displays pixels that light up independently. This implies that each pixel may turn on and off independently, only generating light when necessary.

Even with outdated standard-def video from the tuner, streaming applications, and DVDs, the OLED65CXPTA TV performs admirably. While others may use more cutting-edge materials, very few are as pure, uncluttered, and organic.

The image from the LG is rich, warm, and clear, and it has a pleasing naturalness. Every seat in the TV room has a crisp, colorful image without washed-out tones. The LG OLED TV’s distinctive shape ensures that every view is fantastic, not just the one in the middle.

Using industry-leading Dolby VisionTM HDR technology, Active HDR dynamically adjusts the contrast of every scene. LG OLED TVs provide a genuinely cinematic viewing experience when paired with gorgeous colors.


Sound Quality

Sound Quality

This TV has a fantastic sound that does not require an additional sound bar. With a Dolby Atmos® surround system, the audio moves in sync with the moving objects in the video. The sound on the new LG OLED TV appears to shoot off in all directions—left, right, and up. It offers a 360-degree audio experience.

With its Dolby Atmos audio technology, this 4K AI television produces incredibly immersive sound. It provides clean audio and a strong bass for all types of videos. The 2.2-channel, 40W sound system is the same for all LG CX models. However, the 65-inch model demonstrates that choosing a larger model often produces richer sound quality.

Dialogue and effects are clear, and the Dolby Atmos option produces an expansive soundscape. The sound is very powerful and punchy by class standards.




The OLED65CX was first offered at £2799 in 2020. However, it is now available for £2299. The 65-inch CX is called the OLED65CX6LA or OLED65CX5LB in the UK. The finish is the only distinction between the two: the 5 LB is “Light Silver,” while the 6LA is “Dark Silver.” In the United States, the model code is OLED65CXPUA; in Australia, it is OLED65CXPTA.

A less expensive 2020 LG OLED is available, but it employs an older chipset from LG and doesn’t perform at the same level. Upgrading to the GX, WX, or RX higher up the line results in better speakers and style but not better picture quality. The HDMI ports on the WX and RX are marginally worse than those on the more reasonably priced CX and GX.


Bottom Line

If someone is serious about purchasing a high-quality TV, I suggest the LG OLED line. The new LG 4K OLED 65CXPTA TV aims to provide a realistic visual experience. It offers sharp images with vibrant colors, striking contrasts, and minute details. With millions of self-lighting pixels, this intelligent AI television manipulates luminosity to produce lifelike visuals. It has the best visual quality, which is lucid and acute. The image in the backdrop is fantastic when the TV is sleeping.


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