17 Effective Social Media Strategy For Higher Education

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Did you know about 84% of all adults aged 18 to 29 are on social media? This makes social media a fantastic platform for universities to reach prospective students. Therefore, using an effective social media strategy for higher education might be a great recruitment tool for your institute. Moreover, it could also be a convenient way to stay connected with your current students and alumni.

For universities, social media is like a treasure trove of data. With the right platform, you can easily access your target audience and convert them into your university’s students. Therefore, this blog will help you understand why social media marketing has become crucial in education institutes. Additionally, you will also get to know how social media marketing for higher education boosts your university’s application rates.

To learn more about social media strategy for higher education, keep reading the section below.

Why should you use social media strategy for universities?

A large part of people’s lives revolve around social media. Social media has become an inseparable part of the younger generation’s lives, especially for teenagers (who are the main target audience of universities).

Therefore, you can use this fact to your advantage and attract as many students as possible. The following are the top advantages of social media strategy for higher education that will further prove the importance of social media in the education sector.

Increase student engagement

You can easily increase your engagement by posting quality content, holding online contests, and answering queries. Moreover, the better your engagement, the wider your reach will be.

Build a community

An essential part of social media strategy for higher education is community building. So, by interacting with students on social platforms, you can quickly build a thriving community that supports each other.

Boost Brand Awareness

Social media is where your prospective students are at. Thus, if you can build a strong presence on social platforms, your brand awareness will increase.

Improve Reputation

Social media allows people to express their opinions freely. Therefore, it has become the go-to place for students to find out whether a university is good or not. Using the right social media strategy for higher education can boost your university’s reputation online.

Drive enrollment

The reason why you are going through all this is to increase your university’s enrollment rates, right? Therefore, using social media to increase your reach will naturally lead to more applications.

With the help of the right social media services, your university can experience these advantages and more. The following section will discuss some useful social media strategies that you can use to make your social media campaign even more successful.

Top social media strategy for higher education

Effective social media marketing can help you promote your university online. Furthermore, with the majority of the world online, universities need to have a recognizable online presence to attract students. Therefore, here are some beneficial social media strategies for higher education you can use to drive new students to your university’s gate.

Know your target audience

The most crucial part of social media marketing for higher education is knowing the target audience. Thus, research your audience well and learn about their online behavior and preferences.

Choosing the right platform

Randomly selecting a platform and pouring all your marketing efforts into it will not do. For a successful campaign, you need to first find the most popular social channel among youngsters. Only when you use the right platform will you be able to achieve the results you desire.

Design a content strategy around admission

Without a strategy, your campaign will always be at the risk of falling apart. A strategy is the main base that upholds the weight of your social media strategy for higher education.

Post relevant yet valuable content on social media

By consistently posting relevant and useful content on social media, you will make your target audience more aware of your institute’s presence.

Create a hashtag

Creating a hashtag and encouraging students to use that hashtag is a great social media strategy for higher education. A hashtag makes it easy to locate user-generated content, which you can use to promote yourself further.

Use effective CTAs

Using clear and effective calls to action through your social media can prompt prospective students to take action.

Feature students stories

Sharing student’s stories is a perfect social media strategy for higher education. With this, you can showcase your student body and share their testimonials, earning more credibility.

Use Live

Going live on social media is an amazing way you can recruit students. You can show the world a glimpse into normal campus life when you hold live discussions with students.

Post success stories

Another great social media strategy for higher education is sharing the achievements and success of the university, its staff, students, and alumni. By posting your achievements, you will be able to gather a lot of social proof of your success as an education institute.

Conduct online tours

With online tours, you can attract the attention of students who are interested in your university but do not want to commit to a visit. Online tours can help them familiarize themselves with your university, and who knows, the tour might change their interest and result in a successful admission.

Promote events

Promoting events is an excellent post idea; it can keep your students engaged. You can use this social media strategy for higher education and share recaps, photos, and event videos.

Be active on social media

Social media is all about engagement; therefore, if you wish to create a positive image on social platforms, then be active and responsive.


Paid ads on social media platforms could be very effective. When done right, these can help you deliver your ads to the most relevant audience.

Analyze the results

Analyzing the results and keeping an eye on your social media campaign are very important practices. Because only by improvising and improving will you be able to drive more significant results.

Keep your eye on the competitor’s strategy

By closely tracking your competitors’ strategies, you can learn a lot. Just by looking at their content, you can discover new ways further to improve your social media strategy for higher education.

Collaborate with experts and influencers

Influencer marketing is all the rage these days. Moreover, people nowadays believe everything that comes out of the mouth of their favorite influencer. So, by collaborating with influential people on social media, you can easily turn the tide to your side. Additionally, partnering with respected experts can further boost your authority.

Invest in professional services

All of the above-given strategies are just the tip of the iceberg. By partnering with professional social media services, you will uncover a whole new world full of amazing ideas to increase your enrollment rate.


In this highly competitive digital world, social media holds the key to the success of your campaign. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether you want to include a social media strategy for higher education as a part of your marketing campaign. So, before you make a decision, you need to remember the overwhelming advantages of social media.

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